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Hello San Diego Family!

I’m Karly! I’ve been serving San Diego families as a licensed midwife since 2005 and offer home birth services, paps, non surgical treatment for cervical dysplasia, Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), and CEU’s for birth workers! All families are welcome, I can’t wait to get to know you! Learn More

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The Care You Want

If you work with me, this is what it’s like:


  • Informed consent in all situations. I will always  make sure you know that you can decline anything!
  • Respect for bodily autonomy
  • Radical non judgment
  • Constant attention to eliminating provider trauma
  • Extensive knowledge of existing herbal and nutritional solutions to most issues.
  • Wisdom and perspective from years of experience
  • I’m always learning! In order to give you the best care possible I stay up to date on research as much as possible
  • I’ll try to help you build confidence in yourself and the birth process
  • Spend time getting to understand your preferences
  • Help to set realistic expectations for your care and experience
  • Safe and thorough care
  • I take the time to get to know you and your loved ones so that supporting you in the birth process is easy and intuitive

What I Do


Happy Periods 

Our cycle is our 5th vital sign, it tells us so much about our hormones and the health of our reproductive system. If your periods are difficult: painful, heavy, irregular, short or missing, I can order a comprehensive hormone test to see what is happening and we can address any issues with diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional or herbal support and/or vaginal steaming.

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Midwifery Courses

Every midwife needs CEUs and these are highly curated, thoughtfully laid out classes that will enhance your knowledge and give you go-to’s in your practice. They’re an absolute short cut to proficiency and exactly what I wish I had when I was a new midwife.

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Reproductive and Fertility Care

When I’m in San Diego I offer Reproductive Health Visits (PAP tests, breast/chest exams) aaaaand Intrauterine Insemination. As your friendly, neighborhood midwife I provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where you are invited to actively participate in your care. My appointments are long enough to get comfortable with each other, answer all your questions, and do all the testing and/or procedures you want!

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