What you really want to know about pregnancy and childbirth

Hello San Diego Family!

I’m Karly! I’m living in Turkey for 2021 and am unavailable for births, IUI’s and reproductive health care visits during this time. In the mean time I am still offering a variety of classes and hormone consultations. Follow me on IG at @karlynuttallmidwife for up to date info. All families welcome!

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What you really want to know about pregnancy and childbirth

My mom modeled a profound example of the impact a birth makes on a person

People come to midwives for a peaceful birth experience.

They want as little intervention as possible because they know that pregnancy is not an illness and they don’t want to treat it as one. They want get-to-know-you conversations, a few laughs, the opportunity to make informed choices, they want to be HEARD, respected and they want to know how to keep pregnancy and birth normal.

I wish more folks knew that they had so many more options to optimize their pregnancy and birth process than are offered in traditional care.

Rather than waiting for a problem to crop up I approach pregnancy from a pro-active standpoint using supplements, nutrition and a variety of other modalities to reduce risks and make your pregnancy and birth the best it can be.

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The Hormone Difference

Hormones matter.
They influence our happiness, our sleep, our chocolate cravings and – of course – libido, pregnancy, and motherhood. But most doctors and midwives don’t know much about them. I’m able to order and assess diagnostic lab work to troubleshoot hormonal imbalances formulate treatment plans that address the root cause of issues. No band-aids here.

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Nutritional Advantage

Food is nature’s medicine. What you put into your body has a profound effect on your health and your baby’s. Do you know what foods promote health and reduce the risk of potential birth defects or pregnancy ailments? Doctors often don’t know. Because they aren’t trained in nature’s medicine. But, fortunately I am.

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Vaginal Steam Therapy

This practice brings heat and herbs to the womb using steam. It cleanses, relaxes, tones, and nourishes the vaginal and uterine tissues to support eliminate cramps and heavy bleeding, treat vaginal infections, and more. I frequently use it as a complimentary health-building alternative to the detrimental birth control pill regulate women’s cycles and eliminate it.

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