Want to become a midwife but not sure where to start? Grab your free roadmap here!

Hello San Diego Family!

I’m Karly! I’ve been attending birth center and home births as a licensed midwife for 17 years and I’m currently accepting home birth families! All families welcome! I am also offering a variety of classes and continuing education for birth workers. Check here or on IG at @karlynuttallmidwife for up to date info. Learn More

Considering a career in midwifery?

Want to become a midwife but not sure where to start? Grab your free roadmap here!

Supporting the Midwife

Midwives start their careers with so much passion, but not so much support.


Midwifery is vital. We support birthing people to come into their power, we can keep pregnancy and birth low risk, decrease costly and traumatic interventions, and we shoulder the responsibility of other people’s health and lives every day. To say the least, we’re pretty darn important but I don’t think we learn enough before we’re deemed “competent”and expected to practice independently!

For example, only a small portion of what we need in everyday practice is taught in midwifery school. We have our apprenticeships, too, which are indispensable but then as soon as we complete our required number of births, we’re sent out into the world with no more mentorship even though it is still needed! Proof? I participated in 123 births in my apprenticeships and internships combined and never, not ONCE was able to manage a shoulder dystocia or a resuscitation! That results in a lot of stress, self doubt and just ok care!

I think midwifery is so important that I have taken a step back from my birth practice to work on Midwifery Finishing School to bring more practical knowledge and resources to new midwives. No fluff, just a well organized collection of 18 total hours of lecture on all the things I didn’t get in school or apprenticeships and handouts for you and for your clients to both make your job easier and make your care better from the get-go. Plus MFS was just approved for 9 hours of MEAC CEU’s!

I can’t wait to share what I’ve created with you!

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What I Do


Happy Periods 

Our cycle is our 5th vital sign, it tells us so much about our hormones and the health of our reproductive system. If your periods are difficult: painful, heavy, irregular, short or missing, I can order a comprehensive hormone test to see what is happening and we can address any issues with diet and lifestyle changes, nutritional or herbal support and/or vaginal steaming.

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Midwifery Courses

Every midwife needs CEUs and these are highly curated, thoughtfully laid out classes that will enhance your knowledge and give you go-to’s in your practice. They’re an absolute short cut to proficiency and exactly what I wish I had when I was a new midwife.

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Reproductive and Fertility Care

When I’m in San Diego I offer Reproductive Health Visits (PAP tests, breast/chest exams) aaaaand Intrauterine Insemination. As your friendly, neighborhood midwife I provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where you are invited to actively participate in your care. My appointments are long enough to get comfortable with each other, answer all your questions, and do all the testing and/or procedures you want!

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